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Qualified to teach matwork and equipment sessions for classes and individuals,

I am a movement specialist with therapeutic and rehabilitation qualifications and training for bone health, low back pain, lower limb tendinopathy. running gait analysis and retraining.

A cornerstone of my practice is the Madeline Black Centred approach to healing and wellness through movement.

I am landscape architect and professional horticulturalist. I love running, hillwalking, bodyboarding and motor racing. 

















My Story

The physicality of working outdoors combined with an active lifestyle was starting to take its toll. I usually had stiff joints and regular back problems. I started doing Pilates as rehabilitation following a bodyboarding injury.

At first I just enjoyed the 'me' time, an hour exercising in a relaxing environment learning a new thing. After about 2 months doing one hour a week my body started to change.  Aches and pains became less, I felt so much stronger and could work harder for longer. 

I also stopped being quite so clumsy and I began to develop tone in places I did not know muscles existed. Then I started to look leaner, move better and began to feel really well.

During a session I said to my teacher "I would love to do this every day", she said "why don't you". Just over a year later I qualified through Body Control Pilates in London.

I really love teaching, working with lots of different people and making a positive difference every day.


  • I love Pilates, its great fun, it works, it's easy to learn and suitable for everyone.

Certified Teacher

Body Control are one of the top providers of Pilates education and support. They have a worldwide footprint and are internationally recognised. Body Control work in partnership with specialist organisations to ensure their training meets the highest possible modern standards.


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