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‚ÄčAIMS Pilates provides high quality pilates equipment, matwork and reformer classes, small group sessions and individual one to ones, in Bath, Devizes and Temple Cloud.

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  • Matwork

    Effective whole body exercises combining classical pilates and modern functional movement patterns. Classes can be suitable for all abilities. Each class is tailored to individual and group and capabilities

  • Pilates Equipment Sessions 

    Pilates equipment uses the progressive resistance of different spring strengths and moving carriages, bars and steps to help build core strength and improve alignment. Sessions are great for general strength and movement conditioning. They are also amazing to help with rehabilitation.

  • Healthy backs classes

    With a specially selected range of safe and healthy exercises and a maximum class size of 10 these classes are perfect for people of any ability who want to prevent back pain. Learn how to move safely, get to understand what is a healthy posture and build strength and flexibility to help keep your back happy and pain free.  

  • Bone health

    Specially designed classes to encourage stronger, healthier bones, a more stable core while improving mobility, balance and posture. 



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Body Control Pilates - approach

  • Enrolment

    Before beginning any exercise programme clients complete a short client enrolment. This includes an enrolment form and initial assessment to ensure exercises are appropriate for you.

  • Classes

    Numbers are limited to 12, allowing individual attention to help maximise results

  • Professional

    Professional, insured and qualified

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